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Toyger means Toy – tiger, this new breed of cat has been developed to resemble the tigers of the wild. The call of the wild right in your living room: that’s the Toyger with its dramatic striped and glittered pelt soft as silk. The Toyger is being bred to resemble the tigers of the wild but in a package that fits easily into the modern urban lifestyle with the same nature as the domestic cat. These miniature tigers are friendly outgoing cats that delight in being with their human companions without a single drop of real tiger blood. A young breed, the Toyger is in development as breeders work to replicate the pattern and colors of the tiger with ever-increasing accuracy. 
Tigers are an endangered species in the wild and many of the Toyger breeders are also very concerned about conserving the beautiful wild species that cats are created to resemble, donating part of the income of the sale of their kitties to animal welfare association of the tiger in the wild. Hometigers will donate a % of the price of each kitten to a wellfare association of the tiger in the nature.

Pciture: Toyger Cat Wikipedia

The Toyger is a friendly outgoing cat that delights in being with people. They are highly intelligent and interactive cats that also get on well with other pets. Their intelligence means that are esy to train and can be taught to go for walks on a leash and to play fetch. Their laid-back personalities make them easy to live with and mean they fit easily into the household bringing you a sense of having truly tamed the wild.

In the late 1980s, the architect Judy Sugden embarked on her program to develop these toy tigers with a firm picture in her mind of the characteristics that would be needed to replicate the tiger in this miniature form, she got it crossing bengal cats and other stripped cats, Judy is the daughter of the Bengal cat creator Jean Mill. In 1993, TICA accepted the Toyger for Registration and in 2000 advanced them to the new breed exhibition classes, finally granting them full recognition as a championship cat in February 2007.